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A Social family passionate towards designing solutions for the well-being of Humanity

EnEnthros 7-Agenda

A Team blessed by God with the right blend of Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience and Energy to design and execute solutions on the following 7-Agenda for the Well-Being of Humanity

EnEnthros' Entrepreneurial lab and Software Lab is bound to Enenthros Business Intelligence Drive Pvt Ltd

EnEnthros Entrepreneurial Lab

We identify upcoming entrepreneurs and nurture them by injecting social progress values through our 5-Yrs internship program. EnEnthros' 5-Yrs of internship duration is splitted into 3-STAGES with 2 EXIT-POINTS... Know More

EnEnthros' entrepreneurial lab provides software solutions, legal and audit services, and consultations to Start-Ups... Know More

EnEnthros Software Lab

We deliver Masterpieces
Java 7, PHP, Typescript, Android SDKJ2EESpring 4 (Rest, Boot, Web, JPA, Data), Struts
Apache Tomcat 7, Wamp ServerCross Platform (Multi-Platform) Operating SystemAngular 2+, Ionic 2+
JavaScript, Ajax, JQueryMVC, Front Controller, Factory, DAOXML, JSON, Ajax, REST
User Interface
JSP, HTML5JSP Standard Tag Libraries(JSTL)Apache Tiles
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)Bootstrap, Material UI
MySQL, SQL Server, SQLiteMongoDB, OracleRelational Database Management System (RDBMS)
Development Environment
Eclipse-jee-luna, Netbeans, Visual Studio CodeAndroid Studio, Photoshop, DreamweaverMaven, ANT, Jenkins, Docker
External Plugins
Jasper reportsJQPlot TablesDisplay tag

We provide cloud support services
Infrastructure Planning
Hypervisor SetupVirtualization, VM Setup, VD & VDI(DaaS) Setup Linux, Windows Setup
Load Balancers SetupDatabase Server SetupDNS Services Setup
Database MigrationsDisaster ManagementFirewall Support
Cloud SecurityHosting in cloud
Vendor Support
Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform
VMwareDigital OceanJElastic
Domain Services
Domain Registration, Domain HostingEmail Accounts & IntegrationSSL Certificate support
Hosting Support
Php HostingJava HostingCMS Hosting
Database HostingDocker deployment
Project Support
RepositoryContinuous IntegrationContinuous Deployment
Testing EnvironmentVirtual Lab -Penetration Testing

EnEnthros' Entrepreneurial and Software Lab is bound to Enenthros Business Intelligence Drive Pvt Ltd

EnEnthros Charity Trust

EnEnthros' Charitable Trust operations are bound to Government under the name Nikithra

Identify and Nurture Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Inject Social Progress Values

Life Support to destitute women and downtrodden people

Create home for Blind Community

Support Physically and Mentally challenged people.

Create Self-Sustainability platform for Transgender

We Earn and Establish.

Taste of Social Entrepreneurship.


If you are interested to donate EnEnthros,

A/C Name: Nikithra

A/C Type: Trust Account

Acc No: 6466963093

Bank: Indian Bank

IFSC Code: IDIB000S082 (Its all zeros not alphabet 'O')

EnEnthros Family

EnEnthros Core team is the right blend of Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience and Energy to design and execute solutions to Humanity Well-Being

Upcoming Entrepreneurs


Gopi K

Ilango S

Monicka Akilan

Hemavathy M

Ruthrakumaran R

Stephen Marshall

Madhavan G S

Aadhavan G S

Elders Panel

William Johnson

A philanthropist having 28+ Yrs of experience in Business Management, and his heart is always tender and care for people who work for humanity well-being. He nurtures society towards Truth & Love and keeps track of nurturing upcoming generation for Social Entrepreneurship

Balaji N

A self-motivated, dynamic and successful Project Management Professional. He has 19+ years of experience. He has successfully managed projects in the domains of Education, Manufacturing and Health care. He has been an asset as Project management professional to Tech Mahindra Limited for more than 7 years.
His lateral and out of box thinking capabilities have been of much credit to EnEnthros journey.

Ramesh Karthik D

An Engineering graduate with MBA, specialised in marketing with 20 years of Industrial experience. He is from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. He started a business in Telecom industry and later diversified into Travel services. He has committed his life for EnEnthros 7-Agenda journey, working full-time at the capacity of 'Implementation Manager', because his heart has been seeking wisdom for humanity well-being.

Jebakumar Raju

A Social Entrepreneur has 24+ Years of mixed experience in teaching, coordination, human resource management, marketing and making of upcoming entrepreneurs. He has been into Social Entrepreneurship since Oct'2007, Read More

Time line of EnEnthros

A team of upcoming entrepreneurs passionate for humanity well-being came together and started their social entrepreneurial journey in Oct'2011.

Core Team Formation for Social Entrepreneurship

A team of upcoming entrepreneurs had started their entrepreneurial life journey.


The Mentors

Mr.Jebakumar Raju, Mr. William Johnson and Mr. Balaji N came together to nurture this young team.


The team EnEnthros formed

The elders and the core team of upcoming entrepreneurs are called by the name EnEnthros on Oct'2014


Social Entrepreneurship

EnEnthros have developed their 7-Agenda Journey Framework


Nikithra, Non-Profit Organization

EnEnthros have registered their Non-Profit Organization for Social Entrepreneurship with Government under the name 'Nikithra' on Jul' 2016 and have initiated the operations from Oct' 2016


EnEnthros' Pvt. Ltd Company

EnEnthros have incorporated their company 'Enenthros Business Intelligence Drive Pvt Ltd' on May' 2017


Invitation for Philanthropists and Investors

  • We invite Philanthropists and Investors for our EnEnthros 7-Agenda Journey.
  • Mr. Ramesh joined with EnEnthros as an Executive Director to work at the capacity of 'Implementation Manager'.
  • We, as a Team committed and dedicated to explore ourselves through our Entrepreneurial & Software Lab, and EnEnthros Charity Trust.


EnEnthros Vision Supporters

EnEnthros, we gain integrity from PhilEnthros by ensuring the transparency in handling the funds through TFMS- Transparent Fund Management System

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