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EnEnthros, Team dedicated our life for well-being of humanity on this God gifted Planet

EnEnthros 7-Agenda

A Team blessed by God with the right blend of Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience and Energy to design and execute solutions on following 7-Agenda for Humanity Well-Being

Our Projects

Profit & Non-Profit projects Hosted for EnEnthros Vision Journey

We believe in enriching India with Social Progress Values through our Social Entrepreneurial Internship Program.

Our internship program identifies entrepreneurial talent in upcoming generation and injects Social Progress Values into Entrepreneurship.

    Focus: 1st services of EnEnthros,
  1. Enrich Social Entrepreneurship

We enrich entrepreneurship by identifying and nurturing upcoming entrepreneurs through our unique entrepreneurship internship methodology

Our internship trains interns in respect of starting & managing business ventures, risk management, business intelligence and so on and so forth.

We assist successful interns to get funded for their dream Project.

    Focus: 2nd Service of EnEnthros,
  1. Nurture Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Our product Aranidhi is a user friendly Donation Management Software System exclusively designed for the world of Philanthropy.

Aranidhi helps Philanthropists to have control over their donations as the system maintains transparency between philanthropists and Charitable activities.

We also design and develop websites, mobile applications to charity organizations in an unconditional mode-Cost affordable to the strengths of individual charity.

    Focus: 3rd Service of EnEnthros,
  1. Software Solutions to Charitable Organizations
    Focus 4, 5, 6, 7 Services of EnEnthros,
  1. Life support to destitute women and downtrodden people
  2. Create home for physically & mentally challenged
  3. Give all possible means of solutions to blind community
  4. Self-sustainability to transgender


Core Team


Gopi K

Ilango S

Hemavathy M

Monicka Akilan

Ruthrakumaran R

Stephen Marshall

Aadhavan G S

Madhavan G S

Jebakumar Raju

William Johnson

Balaji N

EnEnthros Core team is the right blend of Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience and Energy to design and execute solutions to Humanity Well-Being

William Johnson, A philanthropist having 27+ Yrs of experience in Business Management, and his heart is always tender and care for people who work for humanity well-being. He nurtures society towards Truth & Love and keeps track of nurturing upcoming generation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Balaji N, A self-motivated and dynamic Project Management Professional with 22+ years of experience. He was into the project domains of Education, Manufacturing and Healthcare, currently work for Software projects. His lateral and out of box thinking capabilities have been of much credit to Enenthros operations.

Jebakumar Raju, A Social Entrepreneur has 23 Years of mixed experience in teaching, coordination, human resource management and marketing. He has been into Social Entrepreneurship journey by initiating Non-Profit Projects since Oct'2007.
EnEnthros 7-Agenda, A social entrepreneurial journey has been initiated by Jebakumar in Oct'2014, and this journey is into existence today just because of the Heavenly Father, and the sheer commitment of EnEnthros 12-Member Core Team.


EnEnthros Vision Supporters

EnEnthros, we gain integrity from PhilEnthros by ensuring the transparency in handling the funds through TFMS- Transparent Fund Management System called ARANIDHI

member1 member2 member3 member4 member5 member6 member7 member7

We are greatful to all our PhilEnthros supporting us for Humanity well being!!!

Join hands & Open your Philanthropic A/C

How EnEnthros Formed???

Jebakumar, a Social Entrepreneur had the vision of forming a team of upcoming entrepreneurs to serve the humankind unconditionally. He started this vision journey in Oct'2007. His vision has come into reality as EnEnthros on Oct'2014.

Origin of EnEnthros Team

Jebakumar started his life journey as a Social Entrepreneur on this day. He taught upcoming generation on how to face the challenges of this modern sophisticated era by initiating a PROJECT called BrevitySoft


Engendering Entrepreneurship

Jeba has added up one more scheme of service at BrevitySoft to engender entrepreneurship on Oct'2010


Core Team Formation for Social Entrepreneurship

In the due course of entrepreneurship development program, Jeba has started identifying upcoming entrepreneurs exclusively for social entrepreneurship.


The Mentors

The elders Mr. William Johnson and Mr. Balaji have joined with Mr.Jebakumar to nurture the indentified core team for Social Entrepreneurship


The team EnEnthros formed

The elders and the core team committed their life for Humanity Well-Being (Social Entrepreneurship) are named as EnEnthros on Oct'2014


EnEnthros run their,

Non-Profit Oriented Projects BrevitySoft, Glarel and Nikithra. And Profit oriented Project Ebidrive.

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No.16/18, BLOCK-1, 9th Street,

Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani, Chennai - 600 026

Tamilnadu, India.

Tel: +91 44 42076595

Mob: +91 99409 56349

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