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Enenthros Business Intelligence Drive

We, Enenthros are blessed by God with the right blend of wisdom, knowledge, experience and energy to work for Love and Truth to prevail.

Core Team Formation for Social Entrepreneurship

A team of upcoming entrepreneurs had started their entrepreneurial internship by hosting a Non-Profit project called '3to8' under the mentorship of social entrepreneur Jeba.


The Elders

Mr. William Johnson and Mr. Balaji N have joined into 3to8 project for nurturing this young team.


The team Enenthros formed

The elders and the core team of upcoming entrepreneurs are named as Enenthros.


Social Entrepreneurship

We, Enenthros have developed our social entrepreneurship framework for the well-being of humanity.


Nikithra, Enenthros Trust

We have registered our Enenthros trust with government under the name Nikithra on Jul' 2016 and we have initiated our trust operations from Oct' 2016.


Enenthros' Pvt. Ltd Company

We have incorporated our profit oriented company, 'Enenthros Business Intelligence Drive Pvt Ltd' on May-2017, to make upcoming entrepreneurs and establish digitalization division to drive Enenthros projects.


Invitation for Philanthropists and Investors

New philanthropists and investors are added in our Enenthros walk of life.


Deliver Start-Ups

Glarel. A Start-Up, to explore right innovations...

Slenex. A Start-Up, to acquire the market share of Blockchain.

Ebidrive. A Start-Up, to acquire market share by funding right projects.

Clipnoscos. A Start-Up, to deliver Social Progress Values through movies.


Acquire Market share

Build Enenthros Brands: Glarel, Slenex, Ebidrive and Clipnoscos

Entrepreneurial Lab

Brevitysoft, We nurture upcoming entrepreneurs

We have been nurturing upcoming entrepreneurs since October'2011. Our entrepreneurial lab internship includes 4-Cycles which spread across 7-Yrs, to nurture every single intern who wish to become an entrepreneur in life. Know More

This process is split into 4-STAGES with 3 EXIT-POINTS.

Stage-1: Technology specialization
Stage-2: Technology Management
Stage-3: Leadership
Stage-4: Entrepreneurship

OUTCOME: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Innovators, Managers, Engineers and Technologists.


Slenex, Enenthros Start-Up to deliver BLOCKCHAIN oriented solutions.

We do have interest in collaborating with entrepreneurs who have similar vision like us. Know More


    EnFeast Todarose Gritz Infogenx

Film Making

Clipnoscos, Film making division of Enenthros

This promotes social progress values in the form of media projects

Upcoming Project

Enenthros Trust

Nikithra, Well-Being of Humanity

We, Enenthros committed to create awareness on entrepreneurial talent and inject social progress values into young blood. We bring a smile into destitute women, downtrodden, physically/mentally challenged people, blind and transgender community.


Enenthros Vision Supporters
member1 member2 member3 member4 member5 member6 member7 more members

Enenthros, we gain integrity from PhilEnthros by ensuring the transparency and trust through our T T I T [Transparency and Trust using Information Technology]


Enenthros Trust, Fund Resources

Our Elders, PhilEnthros and Entrepreneurial Team is our source of funds


Bank A/C Details of our Trust

A/C Name: Nikithra

A/C Type: Current Account

Acc No: 6466963093

Bank: Indian Bank

Branch: Saligramam

IFSC Code: IDIB000S082 (0-Zeros not alphabet 'O')

Enenthros Family

Core Team

Jebakumar Raju

Jebakumar Raju

A Social Entrepreneur holds 25+ Years of experiences in teaching, software engineering, human resource management, strategy making, marketing, business management, making of upcoming entrepreneurs and injecting social progress values into the upcoming generation. Read More

Rameshkarthik D

Rameshkarthik D

An Engineer with MBA - Marketing Specialization. He holds 23+ years of work experience, started his business career in Telecom industry in 2002, and later into Travel services. He has been volunteering for the well-being of widows, blind, physically/ mentally challenged people. Read More

William Johnson

William Johnson

A philanthropist with 30+ Yrs of experience in Business Management, and he spends time to liste people who work for humanity well-being. He nurtures society towards Truth-Love and ensures to deliver his best to bring happiness and joy into the lives of the upcoming generation.

Monicka Akilan

Monicka Akilan

Monicka, BE Electronics & Communication Engineer.
She has been an acute learner of the software industry and entrepreneurship. She credits herself with 8+ years of rich experiences, and an inspirational to upcoming young entrepreneurial talents. Know More

Aadhavan G S

Aadhavan G S

Aadhavan, Electrical and Electronics Engineer.
He brought a successful end with distinction in academics. He is a college topper and has 5+ years of experience in the software industry. He envisions to become a software entrepreneur at Enenthros. Know More

Hemavathy M

Hemavathy M

Hema, BE-Electronics & Communication Engineer.
She is an innovator with rich entrepreneurial experiences of 8+ years. She used to surprise colleagues with her lateral and out of box thinking capabilities, and it's been of much credit to the company's growth. Know More

Madhavan G S

Madhavan G S

Madhavan, Electrical and Electronics Engineer.
He has been an innovating personality and accomplished many things at home since his childhood. He is committed to his entrepreneurial talent for the well-being of humanity. Know More


Balaji N

Balaji N

Principal Consultant

A Project Management Professional with 20+ years of rich experiences. He has managed projects in the domains of Education, Manufacturing, and Health care. He has been an asset and about to complete a decade, as a Project management professional with good overseas experiences to Tech Mahindra. Know More


Imran -ScrumMaster, Newage Software & Solutions India

Gopi K

Gopi K -Associate, CTS

Ilango S

Ilango S -Lead, Newage Software & Solutions India

Ruthrakumaran R

Ruthrakumaran R -Lead Engineer, HCL

Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall -Sr. Software Engineer, BNP Paribas Solutions

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